Hotel real estate has been a fascinating investment for project developers, real property owners, investors and hotel operators ever since. Nonetheless, an investment in hotel real estate also entails considerable risks for all persons involved. For example, the classical fixed lease agreement is more and more replaced by more modern contract types, in which the operator operates the hotel in the name and on account of the owner. In the light of this, the economic success of a hotel does not only depend on the property and its location, but is influenced as is typical for operator real estate by the quality of the operator and its hotel concept. Moreover, the underlying contracts as a rule have long terms, so that despite the forward-thinking structure of the contracts individual provisions will have to be adjusted to changing framework conditions.

Accordingly, the complex dependencies of real properties not only require a comprehensive expertise in the business sector, but also individual consulting, taking the particularities of a hotel life cycle into account and making full use of the tax and legal options. This does not only apply to the development of hotel projects, but also to the current operation of a hotel, to the implementation of new concepts and the acquisition of existing properties.